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Coffee machine is located in Irwin Library on the 1st floor, near the vending machines.


1. Place cup under dispenser

2. Make drink selection

3. Swipe card to pay

4. Press flashing dispenser button

Payment requires a credit/debit card (no cash). Does not accept student ID.


Make your selection first, then swipe your card, following the directions that appear on the coffee machine screen.  (Disregard the little card reader screen which says to swipe first. Sometimes, when you swipe first, the machine will time out and it will appear that the reader took payment when it really didn’t). If an error occurs when using the card reader, patrons should check their bank statement to make sure whether it was actually charged and contact ARAMARK 800 number on the machine if there's a payment issue).

If the machine isn't working properly, alert the library's administrative specialist (Brandon Signorino), place an out of order sign on the machine, and leave a note in trello stating the problem and steps you took.