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Please Note: These instructions assume you have received a .csv file of grades from Parscore (Scantron) from your support staff person or you have created your own .csv file of grades to import that are not associated with Parscore (Scantron).

  1. Log in to Moodle

  2. Go to the Moodle Gradebook for the course by selecting Grades from the

    Administration tab, then select the Import tab and then select the CSV file 

    (should be set to csv file by default)

  3. Select Choose a file and then Choose File to browse where

    you saved the .CSV file and select Upload this file (no need to change any of the

    other default settings in that window)

  4. Select Upload grades (it will take you to a preview)

  5. In the Identify user by Section – Choose

    • Map from: student_id

    • Map to: ID number

  6. In the Grade item mappings section, for the Last Item, which will be the column

    with the scores, select New Grade Item (leave student_id, last_name, and first_name as ignore).

* If a column has already been created for this grade item, instead of choosing New Grade Item, choose the name of that grade item from the drop-down menu under the Grade items section.

  1. Click “Upload Grades” and you should receive a “Grades Uploaded Successfully” message in green, then click “Continue”

  2. In the Moodle Grade Book go to the Set Up tab and find the grade item (if it was a New Grade Item it will be at the bottom of the page) and select Edit, then Edit Settings

    • Rename the Item name (if needed)

    • To change the Maximum Grade field (the default for the Maximum Grade is 100 pts):
      1. Select the drop-down menu next to Rescaling existing grades and choose No
      2. Change the Maximum Grade field from 100 to the correct point value.

  3. Lastly, if needed, move the new grade item around/into a Grade Category if you need to (default position is at the bottom), by selecting the icon to the left of the grade item, and then selecting the dotted box where you want that grade item to go. 

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