Answered By: Information Commons
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The microphones rented out at the library each have two channels, A and B. You can change which channel you are on by using the switch on the side of microphone to either the "A" side or "B" side. Both microphones in a set must be set to the same channel for them to work.

If you are using a microphone where other people near you are also using microphones, such as for a class project, your microphone may not be working because the frequencies are crossing. Check the frequency number of your microphone--it is a list of numbers by or underneath the clip on the back of the microphone. If your pair of microphones have the same frequency number as a pair that someone else is using, they must be set to different channels. For example, if you are on channel A, the other user must be on channel B. If a third person has the same frequency number, your frequencies will cross and one person should exchange their microphone for one with a different frequency number. 

If neither of these solutions work, come by the Information Commons desk in the library or the Center for Academic Technology on the third floor of Irwin Library IL303 and ask for help!