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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020     Views: 169

In the Rich Media area of the Tech Quad in Irwin Library, there is now equipment to convert media from VHS or DVD format into a streaming media file. You are able to copy the entire file or create a clip. This equipment also has the ability to transfer content from a VHS to a DVD. The transferring process occurs in real time, so if your movie is an hour, it will take an hour to copy and even longer to convert/process. The Information Commons staff is not responsible for creating these projects for you. We will, though, offer help with understanding the software and troubleshooting issues.

Follow these steps to convert a VHS to a DVD:

1. On the Mac in the Rich Media area (with the connected VHS/DVD converter), go to Finder and find the application called Easy VHS to DVD. Inside this folder you should click Easy VHS to DVD Capture.

2. With the application open, give the video you are converting a title. Give an approximate time for the video. Set the quality of the capture to High.

3.  Insert the VHS into the VCR player that is connected to the Mac. 
Note: Make sure that the VHS/DVD player is set to read the VHS not the DVD. You can do this by clicking on the VHS/DVD button on the VCR player. You will see VHS illuminated by the time to show that you have done this.

4. Press Play to ensure that the video is playing and is showing on the screen. Click Continue when verified.

5. Check to see if you can hear sound. If you can hear sound, click continue.

6. Rewind the video to the start or wherever you want to start capturing the video.

7. Press Play on the VCR and then click Start Recording to begin the capture process.

8. When the recording is done, click Stop Recording. This will stop the recording and eject the VHS, which finishes the capturing process.

9. Once the video has finished capturing, you will be given three options for converting the video with different programs. Right now you will want to choose Open in iMovie. Once it is opened, you can edit the movie as you please. After you are finished making your changes, as needed, you can burn it directly to a disc. 

This equipment can be used by Butler faculty, staff, or students. Information Commons students are available to provide assistance and support. You will need to bring your own blank media (DVDs, etc). You also are responsible for making sure your duplication adheres to copyright standards. If you have copyright questions, library staff is happy to help.

IT also offers duplication services for a small fee. See the IT website for more information.