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When you want to copy a packet of papers and staple them automatically using the copier, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the copier at Irwin Library using your Butler credentials

2. Select access device, then select personal account

Picture of the screen on the copier that has three icons. The one on the far left with the printer graphic says "Print Release." The one in the middle with a graphic of their copier says "Access Device." The graphic of a scanner on the far right says "Scan."

3. Select copy and lift the top to put the document you want copied face down on the glass.
The screen of the copier showing two rows of options to choose from. The top row (from left to right): copy, e-mail, PaperCut Scanning, and print release. The bottom row (left to right): address bok, tray settings, job status, scan to Ext. memory.

4. Lift up the top of the scanner 

5. Make sure to align it with the arrow in the upper left corner. 

The scanner with the top lifted up and a red drwan-on circle around the arrow in the upper left corner.

6. Select staple sort (on the left column) and how many staples you want and where you want them.

The screen of the copier showing the options once staple sort is selected. On the top left there are four options: a dark grey "off," light blue "1 staple,"  medium tone grey "2 staples,"  and light grey "stapleless staple." The right column features the text, "staple position." The right column has four options under the text: a light blue "left," dark grey "top," medium tone grey "right," and a light grey "original."

7. Select OK

8. Press start, then once you get the screen that asks for the next paper, lift up the top and place the second document on the glass face down. Repeat this process until you have scanned all the documents you need, then press read end.

The screen on the copier with a message that reads, "Place next original. Press [Start]. When finished, press [Read End]." In the bottom right of the message there is a blue button that says, "Read-End."


Optional Step: Staple documents individually 

  • If you want to manually staple the copies make sure that staple sort is not selected.
  • Gather the papers and place them into the staple slot below the staple button.
  • You can either press the button or hold the papers in the slot for a few seconds to have them stapled.  

Picture of the stapler slot on the copier with a piece of paper slide in and the green staple logo lit up.

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